Happy Birthday Guru

Outerly, Lord of Loving Kindness is like Lord of Moral
who is adorned with dignity and profound morality
Innerly, Lord of Loving Kindness is like King of Bodhisattva
who is adorned with vast kindness and compassion
Sacredly, Lord of Loving Kindness is like Lord Marpa Lotsawa
who is adorned with accomplished unity of visualization and realization
Guru Vajradhara, Pema Dhonyod Drubpa
One who represents everything and is the source of everything
Emanation of Guru Rinpoche
Your perfect body, speech and mind is adorned with the qualities of Buddha
who manifested in this world 64 years ago
I celebrate your glorious birthday with my pure samaya and utmost sincere devotion
May you live long as Buddha of Long Life and your Buddha essence shine to the ten directions

~I, Tenam, wrote this with the presence of Guru Vajradhara in my heart

༄། ཕྱི་འདུལ་ཁྲིམས་ཀྱི་མངའ་བདག་བྱམས་མགོན་རྗེ།

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