How Blessing Works

There is this couple who has been longing for a child for a long time. Despite years of trying all methods which yielded no result, even when a baby was conceived, the lady would get miscarriage. Out of desperation, the lady visited many temples and masters to request their blessings for a child as this is the couple’s utmost yearning wish in life. The lady also visited India to seek for the blessings from holy places like Bodhgaya and from many highest Rinpoches.

Somehow the lady heard that Guru Vajradhara Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa is the emanation of the future Buddha Lord Maitreya and that he has a temple in San Jose, California just two hours away from their home. While she continued to pray actively, she asked her husband to drive her across the Bay Area to visit Palpung San Jose Temple.

I met them at the temple during one of my visits. The husband came to me first to share their story and then he brought his wife to see me and reiterated their desperate wish of wanting a baby. They asked for my help.

My immediate reply to them is – I have no ability to help you but my Guru Vajradhara Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa is the ultimate refuge for me and everyone. I will request his blessing and advice for you to fulfill your wish. Both of them were happy and then I communicated their request back to Guru Vajradhara. With his indescribable compassionate wisdom and blessing, he responded as such – “Tell the couple to organize 100 thousand puja of Tara and with the blessing of Tara, if they’re meant to have a child, then it will happen.”

I informed the couple per Guru Vajradhara’s instruction and they asked for my help to arrange for the 100 thousand Tara puja to be conducted at Palpung Sherab Ling Monastic Seat and Palpung Sherab Ling Nunnery per their request.

In that same year the lady conceived a child and gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl. By the miracle, the couple’s faith towards Guru Vajradhara Chamgon Kenting Situpa and Mother Tara became unshakable.

Last year during Guru Vajradhara’s visit to California, the couple eagerly presented their daughter to Guru Vajradhara with full joy and appreciation. Guru Vajradhara blessed the baby and gave her a cute name “Amanda”. With a smile he told the couple that when she grew up she would love this name.

The couple also expresses lots of appreciation towards me for helping them to pull together all the right conditions so they visit me from time to time when I happen to be in California. Today they came again with their beautiful baby girl who is now turning ten months old. I decide to share this story to friends as a good example on how blessing works if simple trust and faith is there unconditionally.


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